Application Process

1. Inquiry

Schedule a tour and visit to the school. Please contact Krissy Cook, Administrative Director, at 410.549.1717 or email


2. Parent Visit

Families receive an application packet at the time of the visit and tour. Parents will sit down and have a conversation about their child with the Head of School, Jamie Caplan, during the visit.


3. Application

The application packet should be completed and submitted with the application fee of $85. If the applicant is interested in financial aid, a financial aid application should also be submitted. A full psycho-educational evaluation, administered by a qualified psychologist, is required in the admissions process. Speech and language evaluations and educational testing are highly valuable in this process; however, these assessments do not replace a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation.


4. Student Visit/Shadow Day

Following submission of the application, the applicant is invited to spend a day at Legacy with a student host. If the application is received in the summer, the child will spend 1:1 time with one of our tutors and the head of our math department.


5. Review

The Legacy School Admissions Committee carefully and thoroughly reviews each student’s file.


6. Decision

Following the review process, the committee makes a decision in the best interests of the student, the family, and Legacy School. The families of accepted students will be notified by mail. The school must receive the signed enrollment contract and tuition deposit by the designated date in order to reserve the accepted applicant’s space.



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