Carroll County Times: School for dyslexic children opening in Sykesville

SYKESVILLE – Westminster resident Nicole Wimsatt knew her dyslexic son Dustin needed specialized help with reading and said she was willing to drive as far as it took to find a school that could provide that.

She was frustrated with long waitlists at schools in Stevenson and Owings Mills and worried about where Dustin, 10, would head in the fall. So when Wimsatt heard that a school for dyslexic students was opening in Sykesville, she couldn’t believe it.

“This school is a total blessing,” Wimsatt said. “We feel so lucky to now have a school so close that will really meet our son’s needs.”

On Thursday, Wimsatt and her husband Kevin attended an open house for the Legacy School, which will open in the fall. Located on a three-acre plot in Sykesville off Klee Mill Road, the school will focus on a multi-sensory approach that offers intensive one-on-one tutoring daily for each student.

Dustin attended Sandymount Elementary School this year, but the Wimsatts started looking for a new school after he was diagnosed with dyslexia in March. Kevin Wimsatt said his son has struggled with reading for the last few years, but seemed to fall further behind his peers each year. Once his son heard that he had dyslexia, he couldn’t wait to tell his classmates and teachers at school.

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