Legacy’s teachers are highly trained in providing researched and proven methodologies in order to meet individual student needs. Class sizes are small and Legacy maintains an overall 3:1 student to teacher ratio. The tenets of our curricular philosophy are listed below are adhered to in all classes at The Legacy School. Legacy teachers understand that when these principles are adhered to, the instruction will be emotionally sound for each child, resulting in our students’ feeling safe to take learning risks. Eventually Legacy students become accustomed to success and their joy of learning is restored.

Multisensory (VAKT)

Our teaching approach uses all pathways into the brain in order to enhance memory and learning. We visualize, discuss, imagine, create, interact, and build to learn!

Systematic & Cumulative

Our curriculum sequence begins with the easiest and most basic concepts and progresses methodically to more difficult material. Each new concept is based on concepts already learned.

Direct Instruction

The inferential learning of any concept is not taken for granted. Continuous student-teacher interaction is necessary and a staple of our program.

Diagnostic Teaching

The teachers are flexible and individualize each child’s curriculum based on careful and continuous assessment of the student’s needs. We find the holes in our students’ learning and we make a plan to fill those holes. Students master material before moving on. Our motto is Master=Memory!

Synthetic and Analytic Instruction

Teachers explicitly teach how parts form the whole. Conversely, our teachers also present the whole and teach how it can be broken down into its individual parts. This gives the dyslexic student a deeper understanding and greater insight into reading, writing, and math.

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