Social Studies

The Social Studies Program at Legacy presents a linear and interdisciplinary approach to history and follows a four-year rotation:

Year 1 Ancient Times
Year 2 Middle Ages
Year 3 Early Modern and Early Maryland History
Year 4 Late Modern and Modern Maryland History

All Legacy students study the same time period together each year, enhancing community as they join together in school-wide projects, guest speakers and related field trips. Essentially, the time period of the academic year becomes the “theme of the school”, and is the source of much fun and discussion. Every year the studied historical time period is integrated with Geography, Literature, Writing, and Art, enriching and deepening learning opportunities. Students enrolled at Legacy from grades 1 through 8 will have the opportunity to move through the four time periods twice.

In grades 1-4, the goal is to lay a solid foundation and lay an understanding of the timeline and key events. In grades 5-8, the goal is to apply higher order thinking skills to that solid foundation. Students plan thematic days, prepare oral presentations, and practice outlining and maintaining an accurate timeline. In Years 3 and 4, the month of May is “Maryland Month” and we focus our studies specifically on our state’s history during that time.

Legacy students explore the same time period studied in Social Studies in their Related Arts classes. This rich, interdisciplinary approach to learning allows students to collaborate with hands-on projects related to the historical time period. For example, when studying colonial times, students create their own clay bowls, candles, feather-quills and an intricate colonial village. Legacy students also learn to play period instruments and are exposed to music of the time. In addition, students demonstrate an understanding of the period through two school-wide yearly dramatic productions. This unique combination of the arts and Social Studies really makes history come alive and allows for experiential learning opportunities. Students experience the depth of learning that we at Legacy encourage and enjoy providing.

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