Art, drama, and music are a respected and integrated part of Legacy’s academic program. Our students excel in “out of the box” thinking and are often drawn toward the creative arts.


Legacy’s art program is an exciting part of our multisensory education in which students create sculptures, paintings, pottery, and mosaics. For a number of our students, art simply fulfills their lives.

Students’ artwork is prominently displayed in the hallways and featured in art shows and fundraisers throughout the year. Our art teacher collaborates closely with our social studies and science teachers on cross-curricular projects that integrate art into classroom experiences.


Legacy students perform two plays a year. Our plays are student centered and largely student created.  Legacy students design the set, create the props, and add their own humor and character development to our productions.


The music program at Legacy is designed to provide students with a creative outlet throughout the day and to enrich the Social Studies and Science programs through cross-curricular instruction.

Students have music class at least twice a week during which they are exposed to a variety of musical instruments and styles from the ancient and modern world.

Throughout the year students learn the rudiments of music and songwriting culminating in two performances during the winter and spring productions.

Physical Education

Legacy involves students at all skill levels in a physical education program. The program encourages children’s personal fitness, while fostering key life skills such as teamwork, problem solving, leadership, sportsmanship, cooperation, and communication.

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